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27 September, 2013

Got a place in the London Marathon? Here are six reasons to run for RoSPA!


We would love it if you helped to support RoSPA’s mission to “save lives and reduce injuries” by running for us!

By now, runners around the world are finding out whether or not they have won a place in next year’s London Marathon. If you’re one of these lucky people, and don’t yet have a cause, we would love it if you ran for RoSPA! Here are six reasons why:


  1. Kill 14,000 people each year across the UK
  2. Seriously injure more than 700,000 per year in England alone
  3. Are the major cause of death up to the age of 39 and the leading cause of preventable, early death for most of our lives
  4. Are the main cause of death for children after infancy
  5. Are often violent and always untimely
  6. Destroy families and diminish communities.

Your support can save lives and prevent injuries. So why not give our fundraising team a call on 0121 248 2507 or email

20 September, 2013

Accident prevention: we’re in it together

Through the centuries, Glasgow has been a hotbed of both enlightenment thinking and industrial activity. So where better to stage RoSPA’s 57th Occupational Health and Safety Awards?

Michael talks to a 2013 Award winner all about the accident prevention work which RoSPA undertakes in order to fulfill its mission: to save lives and reduce injuries.

Michael talks to a 2013 Award winner all about the accident prevention work which RoSPA undertakes in order to fulfill its mission: to save lives and reduce injuries.

The coming together of hundreds of the world’s best workplace safety practitioners at the city’s Hilton Hotel, yesterday (September 19), allowed RoSPA to reward much dedication and innovation – and to showcase some of the life-saving schemes that the UK’s best-known safety charity run on a regular basis.

As is now customary, RoSPA uses such get-togethers to rally support from those who are most likely to give it.

The same event last year raised enough money to help run two campaigns to stop more young children dying in window blind cord and driveway-related accidents.

This year, guests very generously donated almost £4,400. This money will go some way to ensuring that every child starting primary school in Scotland next year will receive a free book. The publication, penned by popular children’s author Linda Strachan, will help to keep tens of thousands of young ones safe from the hazards that pose the most risk to them.

But it’s a project that still needs the support of others to make it happen.

With your help, we can (and we will) make it happen. Such is the power of prevention – through the coming together of all those who are on the same mission: to save lives and reduce injuries.

Simply email FUNDRAISING@RoSPA.COM to find out more.

Michael Corley, RoSPA’s head of campaigns and fundraising

29 August, 2013

Share your training tips with our RoSPA runner

Michael Corley is a man on a mission – to save lives and reduce injuries. That’s why he’s raising funds for RoSPA in the BUPA Great Birmingham Run. He’s sworn off the crisps, blown the dust off his trainers and got cracking on a gruelling training regime that would bring Mo Farah out in a cold sweat.

TuftysmallBut there’s an awful lot of pavement to be pounded before Michael hits the mean streets of Birmingham on October 20. And with the summer nights giving way to autumn mists, he’s going to need all the inspiration he can get to keep reaching for the stars and not the pies.

Which is where you come in. Whether you’ve raced for a charity or run for fun, we need to know what’s kept you going on those cold, damp nights when the sofa and EastEnders have never looked so inviting. Was it a jogging buddy? The promise of a treat when you got back from the run? Or a bumper bottle of energy drink? Share your tips with Michael here.

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