About us

SafetyGoneSane is RoSPA’s blog, devoted to all areas of safety in all aspects of life.

Our aim is to provide thought-provoking discourse on health and safety matters, to give advice and information, to comment on current affairs – and hopefully to dispel a few of the myths surrounding health and safety.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents is a charity championing safety in the workplace, at home, on the roads, in and around water, at leisure and in education. Its mission is to save lives and reduce injuries and it has been at the heart of accident prevention in the UK and around the world for almost 100 years.

RoSPA’s philosophy is that life should be as safe as necessary, not as safe as possible. It is neither feasible nor desirable to remove all the risks life throws at us. It is usually enough to ensure that people are provided with as much information as possible about their activities, in order that they may make informed decisions about managing risks.

Contributors from all areas of safety will write for the blog.

Read on, and find out more about RoSPA’s activities, philosophy and continuing mission. In addition, you can find out all about our commitment to safety at work by visiting our Workplace Safety Blog.

Please note that any articles by guest bloggers, from outside RoSPA, do not necessarily reflect the views of RoSPA.

One Comment to “About us”

  1. it has been observe that all kind of hazards will be prevented through the measure of H&S precaution

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