Sharing advice to keep the roads safe



Here at Braintree District Council we thought we should do our bit to keep our roads as safe as possible.

I’m Gabriella, an apprentice working in the Community Services department. From the beginning of October until the end of November I ran a road safety project. Its aim was to raise awareness of road safety and advise people how to stay as safe as possible. I wanted to let people know about the services they can use to make themselves safer when driving.

Throughout my project I wrote reports, visited road safety partnership sessions and local colleges and updated the Braintree Council website, in order to reach out to people. I also created a notice board in the Council’s reception area. I featured many organisations and gathered leaflets and posters from different charities. This should result in the community becoming more aware of the services available to them.

The number of people killed on UK roads increased by four per cent in 2014. Sadly, some drivers still appear to be unaware of the dangers they are causing. Pedestrians too can make reckless decisions.

Focusing on young drivers and their vulnerability made me come across RoSPA, which offers practical advice and resources to help this age group become confident, safe drivers and campaigns for changes to the current system for testing and training them.

As a young driver, I know the problems they face daily. Young and novice drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents than more experienced drivers. This is why I feel it’s important to promote RoSPA’s work within communities as it can hugely help to reduce the number of road accidents.

I also looked into what causes accidents to happen. For example, being over confident seems to be common in young drivers, especially male ones, which can be a factor contributing to accidents. I would advise more organisations to focus on this aspect because being overly confident can cost you your life, leaving family and friends devastated.

The best way to educate young people on the roads is to consistently keep the safety message alive, so young drivers are aware of the resources around to help them become accomplished drivers.

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