Tufty, Parliament and stuffing envelopes…

Michael, the RoSPA runner, is too worn out to blog this week. So while he puts his feet up and watches the X Factor, I’ll give you a glimpse of what a RoSPA campaigns officer gets up to from nine to five.

Campaigns officer Helen Halls with Tufty and Policeman Badger

Campaigns officer Helen Halls with Tufty and Policeman Badger

With RoSPA covering road, home, work and leisure safety and public health, there’s real variety to this job. So there’s no such thing as a typical day for me. Since I started at RoSPA a year ago, I’ve done everything from compiling databases and researching Parliamentary bills to scripting videos and overseeing a photo shoot with Tufty!

What’s great about working in a small team (there’s two of us) is that you get to be involved in all aspects of a campaign, in a way you wouldn’t do in a bigger charity. So, while this can mean stuffing multiple copies of our Big Book of Accident Prevention into envelopes, it can also involve helping to launch the publication at the Houses of Parliament.

In April, fundraising was added to my daily diet. So while my boss has been thinking big thoughts, sighing heavily and penning a strategy that will guide us through the next three years, I’ve been taking my pickaxe to the Directory of Grant Making Trusts, mining its packed pages for the trusts and foundations that may fund RoSPA’s life-saving campaigns.

And today I’ve just finished my very first funding bid – so it’s fingers crossed. Wish me luck!

To find out more about our campaigns work visit www.rospa.com/campaigns. To find out more about our fundraising work visit www.rospa.com/fundraising.

Helen Halls, campaigns officer at The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

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