Share your training tips with our RoSPA runner

Michael Corley is a man on a mission – to save lives and reduce injuries. That’s why he’s raising funds for RoSPA in the BUPA Great Birmingham Run. He’s sworn off the crisps, blown the dust off his trainers and got cracking on a gruelling training regime that would bring Mo Farah out in a cold sweat.

TuftysmallBut there’s an awful lot of pavement to be pounded before Michael hits the mean streets of Birmingham on October 20. And with the summer nights giving way to autumn mists, he’s going to need all the inspiration he can get to keep reaching for the stars and not the pies.

Which is where you come in. Whether you’ve raced for a charity or run for fun, we need to know what’s kept you going on those cold, damp nights when the sofa and EastEnders have never looked so inviting. Was it a jogging buddy? The promise of a treat when you got back from the run? Or a bumper bottle of energy drink? Share your tips with Michael here.

2 Comments to “Share your training tips with our RoSPA runner”

  1. Way to go Michael!

    Two things have always been great motivators for me when I run.
    One is to use it as my public/private transport. In the old days I used to run to work, when my location changed and that was not possible then it was to other events or locations, it would even include bus in one direction and run the other if it was too long or not a great place to clean up. It is a great way to have time to think about things, not add to the environmental pollution and have one less transit commuter filling the roads.

    The 2nd inspiration for me is to find a place I love to run, it could be scenic, sentimental, or somewhere that just makes you feel good. Trees and green have always been a favourite for me, so routes with great tree lined streets were a magnet and then I always felt so good having spent real time in places that I loved to be.

    Good luck with your training Michael.

  2. I’ve run many a mile in my time and one of the most important things for me has been to vary my training. It gets really boring if you just go out for a normal run each time, so try to do a couple of different things each week. You could do some hill training, where you run fast up a hill and then jog back down again, and repeat a few times. The Birmingham half-marathon does have some hills en route, so make sure you’re used to taking them on! Something else you could try is “fartlek” training. This word always makes me smile! Fartlek training involves you running fast for short periods (I used to set myself lamp-post targets to run between) and then more slowly during “recovery” periods. Not only does alternating your training reduce boredom, but it’s also good for your fitness.
    My other top tip – with a road safety hat on – is to make sure that you can be seen easily by road users. I’m always staggered by the number of runners I see who are decked out in dark clothing. I always wore a hi-vis bib. It’s not attractive but who cares! You’re lucky though – the BUPA Birmingham Great Run is the weekend BEFORE the clocks go back so you should still have some daylight hours to train in after work.

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