Families start to benefit from Scotland’s Home Safety Equipment Scheme

Hi folks,

We thought a blog would be a good way to keep everyone abreast of the news and happenings relating to Scotland’s Home Safety Equipment Scheme (SHSES). We’ll be writing updates regularly, so please add your comments as we would love to hear about what’s happening in your area.

Jen Foley, project support officer, and Carlene McAvoy, community safety development officer, at RoSPA Scotland

Jen Foley, project support officer, and Carlene McAvoy, community safety development officer, at RoSPA Scotland

Funding from The Early Years Collaborative has enabled the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in Scotland to work with a number of partners to pilot a scheme across nine areas – Edinburgh, East Dunbartonshire, Inverclyde, West Dunbartonshire, Aberdeen, the Western Isles, Midlothian, plus West and East Lothian.

Safety equipment will be installed in 800 families’ homes for free and will include: safety gates, fireguards, CO detectors, corner cushions, cupboard locks, window restrictors, bathmats, door jammers and blind cord cleats.

Education sessions with each of the families will also lead to greater awareness of the potential child safety hazards in the home.home under the magnifying glass. RoSPA copyright.

This scheme, which runs until June next year, is particularly important because home accidents are a major cause of injury in young children.

More accidents happen at home than anywhere else and every year, more than one million children under the age of 15 are taken to A&E following an accident at home across the UK. We can all make a difference to children’s lives by taking part in initiatives to make our homes’ safer as RoSPA’s Too Young to Die video below highlights.

So where are we with the SHSES project so far? The majority of areas benefitting from the scheme have now undertaken practitioner and installer training.

Practitioners are now going into homes to identify potential hazards and install safety measures. At the moment, we have around 30 referrals, and West Dunbartonshire has taken the lead in terms of completing installations.

Keep your children safe in and around the home.

RoSPA’s referral scheme for home fire safety visits seems to be working well too, and for the first couple of months of the project, we will be emailing the relevant community firefighters in each area whenever these referrals are made.

We have been in touch with relevant partners about quarterly meetings to discuss the project and we have a few of these in the diary already.

We look forward to coming out and seeing you all to find out how things are going in each area.

Thanks again for everyone’s involvement in SHSES, especially as this scheme aims to make Scotland the best place in the world to grow up in and give all children the best start in life.

Bye for now,

Jen Foley, project support officer, and Carlene McAvoy, community safety development officer, at RoSPA Scotland.

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