Girlguiding – learning skills for life

My name is Rebekah Pior. I am 14 years old and I live in Birmingham. I joined Weoley Castle Girlguiding when I was 11 years old and throughout my time being there, it has taught me valuable and important skills to keep me safe and make me realise how many risks were actually in your every day normal life.

Girl Guides RoSPA

“Girl Guides helped teach me all about health and safety” – Rebekah Pior

Many of the girls at Guides didn’t have much self motivation, so as something to work towards, the Guide leaders provided a prize at the end of every task, however every task we completed didn’t just gain us a prize and a badge at the end of it, it gave us knowledge and allowed us to take responsibility for our own actions.

Our course was called “Learning for Life” and it included a series of first aid sessions and how to handle water safety and road safety. At the end of the term, when we had completed all of the set tasks, we had to do a presentation to prove that we had learnt and understood everything which our parents were invited to come and sit in on.Girl Guides RoSPA

I’m really glad that I joined Girl Guides when I did, because not long after we had learnt about all of this health and safety, a horrible event occurred including a friend being knocked over by a car. Having learnt about road safety at Guides I knew exactly how to act and how to feel when it was all happening, whereas the rest of my friends just panicked. I took control of the situation and managed to make sure my friend was taken to hospital. The facts and figures I learned at Guides about this convinced me to be careful, however being in that situation made me realise how serious and dangerous the road can be.

Girl Guides RoSPAIn my opinion, more should be done to help protect young people and keep them safe. Schools should take more of a role to try and help students, and Girlguiding units should advertise themselves more so more people know where they are and what they do etc. Sitting teenagers down and talking to them for an hour straight on how to keep safe, what they should do, why they should do it and showing them a couple of statistics isn’t going to make half of them listen, but getting them more involved and making the activities fun will advise more people to listen and get involved.

Rebekah Pior, work experience placement student at RoSPA

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