Make the most of your RoSPA Award

RoSPA Awards WreathThe RoSPA Occupational Health & Safety Awards are one of the most prestigious safety awards schemes in the industry and are judged by some of the industry’s most influential experts ranging from IOSH, NEBOSH, various trade unions, Cadbury, The Skills Funding Agency and of course RoSPA itself, to name but a few.  Sponsored by one of the biggest names in safety, NEBOSH, receiving an award from us is no easy task, so it’s important that no opportunity is wasted to gain the all important return on the time and money invested in securing your award. To help, RoSPA’s Head of Marketing, Sue Brookes, has put together the following advice, outlining some of the opportunities winning a RoSPA Award can bring and how to make the most them.

First you must decide what your key objectives for entering the RoSPA Awards are. Organisations enter for many different reasons, including:

  • Benchmarking different areas/sites/divisions of their business
  • Raising awareness of health and safety throughout their organisation
  • Gaining a competitive edge
  • Rewarding staff efforts
  • Highlighting successful projects for future tenders
  • Marketing and PR opportunities
  • Gaining an overall perspective of safety maturity within their organisation and where improvements need to be made

Once you’ve decided, you can start to consider how to maximise your chances of success and how to plan to make the most of the opportunities winning an Award can present.

Get everyone on board!

Often it’s only the senior management and health and safety teams who are aware that an organisation is taking part in the safety awards scheme. It’s very important (especially if your objective is to raise the profile of safety across your organisation) to tell every employee what you are doing and get them involved from the start. Let them know your objectives, what you expect to receive and how they can help.

Competition is a good thing!

If you’re aiming to benchmark different areas of your business or different sites, don’t forget to inform all of the staff in each area that this is your intention. You could build up a little competition between them with incentives, or even hold your own awards day for the whole company to get them to understand the importance of safety, which in turn could instil a real sense of worker involvement.

Be transparent!

Even if you don’t get the level of award you’d expected, don’t see this as a negative. The comprehensive submission and judging process means winning any level of RoSPA Award is a real achievement and a fantastic PR opportunity. Be totally open by telling everyone where your weaknesses lie and put an action plan together on how you will deal with them. Let everyone know what your objectives are for the following year and as long as you ensure they’re met, this will give you further press opportunities year on year!

Shout about itDon’t wait to shout about it

PR opportunities should not be left until you have received the award. Tell all your customers and potential customers that you intend entering the Awards and your reasons for doing so. Write tailored press releases for each of your target markets, tweet about it, post it on Facebook, include it in your regular newsletter – using social media for publicity is a cheap and effective way of sharing your message.

Now you’re a winner

Once you have received your Award, use every avenue possible to inform your employees, customers and suppliers of your fantastic result, including:

  • Creating a webpage dedicated to your organisation’s commitment to safety and:
    • Display the Award Winners’ logo and any other logos you have e.g. RoSPA Member logo, professional institute membership logos etc.
    • Include photographs from the Awards ceremony and presentation day
    • Upload press releases about your Award achievement and link to any external websites which have picked up on your success
    • List your health and safety teams’ achievements e.g. training, qualifications etc
    • Add details of health and safety projects you are undertaking or have implemented in the past. Outline the difference it has made to your organisation’s health and safety management systems
    • Talk about any training programmes you have in place
  • Writing tailored press releases and sending them out to publications relevant to your target market.  Need help? Use the RoSPA PR template supplied to all Award winners to kick-start your PR campaign
  • Using all your social media channels, and remembering that Facebook and Twitter love images, so upload your official and unofficial photographs from the day and evening ceremonies
  • Use the official Twitter #RoSPAWinner every time you post about your success and benefit from being part of a lively Twitter community
  • Creating a blog post from your health and safety manager to outline ‘how success was achieved’
  • Including the Award Winners’ logo on printed and digital materials such as tenders, letterheads, catalogues, marketing emails, websites etc

Celebrate your success

Bring key clients or prospective clients to the prestigious gala dinner, so that they get first-hand experience of your organisation’s dedication to safety commitment and your resulting success. We’re sure they’ll be impressed with the fantastic night of fine dining and entertainment and will enjoy helping you celebrate your success.

Competetive advantage

Give your tenders the winning edge

You can enter your organisation as a whole into the awards scheme and/or a specific project you have been working on. Success in either case could give your tenders a winning edge over your competitors, demonstrating your excellent safety performance. The value that award-winning safety assurances can offer to prospective clients shouldn’t be underestimated.

And finally, personal development

As the co-ordinator of the Award entry submission, your organisation’s success is also a key personal achievement.  Add it to your C.V and your LinkedIn profile – let being an Award winner have a positive effect on your career.

Don’t limit your Award winning celebrations. Make sure the world knows about your safety record, as it’s certainly something to shout about!

Sue Brookes, Head of Marketing, RoSPA 

2 Responses to “Make the most of your RoSPA Award”

  1. When I started my apprenticeship within the aircraft industry, I remember passing all the companies’ awards on my first day at work. They were displayed in the reception area, in nice picture frames for all to see. Our customers could see them, the managers could see them, but the employees were not allowed to enter or exit the site via the reception area, so we never got to see them (this is going back to the early 1980s). I remember the safety dept had all their certificates up in the office but none on the shop floor.
    In my current role as health and safety director, I make an effort to SHOUT IT OUT whenever we receive awards, praise or just a thank you. The RoSPA award is well worth shouting about. Keep your employees informed about health and safety and they will step up.


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