Vehicle technology: a guide for the perplexed

RoSPA was lucky enough to have on work placement a young man by the name of Ajinkya Bhalerao. He joined the road safety department for a couple of weeks back in July to complete a project on vehicle technology. He did a superb job, impressed us all immensely, and agreed to write a blog for us – duly presented below!

Ajinkya, Duncan Vernon and Cassius Francis

Before I arrived at RoSPA, I was slightly unsure as to how my desired career path (of becoming an engineer) would fit-in with the company. However, under the wise guidance of Duncan Vernon, I settled to create what would eventually be called “Car Safety Technology: A Car Buyer’s Guide”.

The “Guide”, now completed, does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, that is to say it translates obscure terminology (which incidentally car manufacturers love to show off) into layman’s terms which ordinary folk like you and I can comprehend.

Since safety is of such paramount importance in nearly everything we do, it’s of no surprise that car safety technology is continually advancing and developing. The problem arises when prospective car buyers become flustered by their inability to cope with the mystifying terms that surround the topic.

I hope that in having finished the guide, it will someday see the light of day, for at present I’m afraid to say that, due to copyright reasons, RoSPA can’t really release the guide, well … not unless it can somehow withstand the “lawpower” of a multi-national corporation like BMW. That said, I hear that members of RoSPA Birmingham are hard at work in trying to salvage the guide’s contents and use non-copyright images, so I suppose there’s still a shred of hope in seeing it reach the public. After all, it would be such a shame if the guide, which was meant to help the public, never actually made it.

Apart from that, I found the work experience placement at RoSPA to be brilliant, and I’d recommend it to anyone who, like I did, wanted to get a taste of how life was like in a pretty large organisation. Since safety encompasses literally all the things we do, the fact that RoSPA’s mainly for safety doesn’t mean that the career path you’d wish to follow can’t somehow be addressed in some sort of project. RoSPA staff really helped me out in choosing an idea which would be stimulating, whilst at the same time tailored to my needs of going into engineering.

Apart from receiving a heavy dosage of “office life” (and of all the thrills and joys you’d expect to be associated with it), I was pleasantly surprised to find that the world of work was by no means as daunting or as treacherous as I had previously conceived. I was relieved to be in the company of understanding and down-to-earth people during my placement, so there was of course no military-style discipline whilst I was there. That said, they helped motivate me to push myself and actually complete the guide, for which I am very grateful since now I have something solid and substantial which I can show to anyone interested in the placement. I hope it will prove that I actually sat down and got to work whilst at RoSPA, and didn’t do “filing” or “secretarial tasks” in that time. I’m sure that, having completed this placement, I’ll be in a stronger position to advance and succeed in my future career.

As previously mentioned I aspire to one day be an engineer, and am planning on going to university to attain the relevant degree. That is, after I’ve finished my A-Levels, which I’m currently in the process of doing. I still haven’t made my mind-up as to which particular field of engineering I’d like to go into, so I suppose I’ll have to decide. By next September, at least, which gives me oceans of time to ponder and choose. I’m not too sure what I’ll actually end-up doing, though. But thanks to my placement with RoSPA, I’m more familiar and “clued-in” with the world of work.

Ajinkya Bhalerao, 16, work experience student with RoSPA

The RoSPA road safety team is currently sourcing copyright-free images of the different vehicle technologies that Ajinkya wrote about in the guide and hopes to put it on the website soon – watch this space…

One Comment to “Vehicle technology: a guide for the perplexed”

  1. Good luck in your chosen endeavor! You can never fulfill those without having to go through rigorous levels of your chosen career. After all, its always rewarding at the end.

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