Use your head

It’s just over a year since James Cracknell, the double gold medal-winning Olympic rowing champion, was seriously injured in a cycling accident in America.

He was filming a documentary series when he was hit by a truck during a 2,500-mile cycle ride across America. His skull was fractured in several places and the frontal lobe of his brain – the part of the brain that governs the personality – was damaged. It wiped out his memory for five weeks.

Doctors are amazed that James survived the accident – and he credits his helmet with saving his life.

A year on, he made a short film imploring people to wear their helmets when they’re out cycling.

It is, quite rightly, a personal choice – but we at RoSPA recommend you do so too.

2 Comments to “Use your head”

  1. This really illustrates how important it is to wear a helmet and anyone who cycles should watch this, particularly those teens who seem to find it unfashionable to do so. It would be good to use this video in schools. Teachers should use this as part of road safety education. The video is short, sharp and powerful.

    • Thanks for your comment! Helmets can save lives and we do encourage people to wear them. We also want people to be aware that – obviously – a helmet won’t prevent an accident happening, so cycle training is a great idea, especially for younger people.


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